Welcome to Carver Middle School!

Bringing Our "A" Game Everyday with the Seven A Values

Attendance - Dependability/Punctuality/Reliability

Appearance - Personal Hygiene/Grooming/Dress

Attitude - Staying Positive Regardless of the Situation

Ambition - Initiative/Desire to Learn and Improve/Effort

Accountability - Integrity/Honesty/High Expectations

Acceptance - Adhering to Rules and Standards/Following Directions

Actions - Behavior/Compassion/How We Treat Others


PBIS Store Grand Opening
Carver had the Grand Opening of the PBIS store on Friday, September 27, 2013.  The students had their first opportunity...

Carver Band Solo & Ensemble   
52 Superior Medals
6th Grade Medals

Brian Hutton and the Weather   
An explanation of the weather

MCC's Dr. Martin Luther King Essay Contest Winners   
Three students place in MCC's essay contest

Weddings in Science!!   
Students are studying the differences between genotype and phenotype.  Genotype is your genetic makeup while phenotype describes...